Some say the human eye can't see above 30fps. See for yourself.

These are not Gifs. They are MP4 videos. Both TRUE 30 & 60 fps.

If the videos are off sync simply reload the page by pressing (F5) after the videos have loaded

> Stare at the left 30fps clip for a a few loops then look at the 60fps clip on the right. <


Disclaimer: Some computer system may not be able to run these two videos properly. Make sure you close any background programs running a lot of memory and view this on a desktop to avoid fps drop, stuttering and other issues.
Usually if you can't tell a difference you're either not looking close enough or your system is too slow!

Remember that 60fps not only looks better, but it also feels better to play with due to decreased response time, delay and less lag. Seeing it here is one thing. Experiencing it is another. Try another example!

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